Diversity and Inclusion

The Oregon Academy is committed to diversity and inclusion.

We encourage you to access resources to strengthen your knowledge.

These Member Interest Groups newsletters are provided as a resource.

Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders MIG

Cultures of Gender and Age MIG

Global MIG

Latinos and Hispanics in Dietetics and Nutrition MIG

Religion MIG

Access our May 2022 diversity webinar here.

Being more inclusive every day (Tips)

  • APPRECIATE: Try to let people know they are doing great work.
  • LISTEN: Show respect when someone is talking. Actively listen to those that are speaking without injecting. Non-verbally acknowledge what is being said.
  • PAUSE: Take the time to really think about others’ opinions and ideas before you respond. Often, we formulate our response before the person has finished speaking.
  • COLLABORATE: Work with someone new. It could even be someone in a different function or department. New perspectives could provide fresh ideas.
  • AWARENESS: Think about personal biases. How are they playing out and impacting your decisions?
  • CONNECT: Have lunch or take a break with someone new.