Registered Dietitian, Licensed Dietitian

  • Full-time
  • Mid-Valley Pain Clinic - Salem, OR
  • posted January 22, 2020
Mid-Valley Pain Clinic

Clinical Dietitian

Salary Range:

$23.79 to $33.50 /hour

Starting Date:

February 24, 2020

Position Description:

Assess and provide nutritional advice, counseling, and education to Mid-Valley Pain Clinic patients in coordination with clinicians and partnering Primary Care Providers. About Mid-Valley Pain Clinic (MVPC) MVPC is located on a beautiful business campus surrounded by Northwest vegetation and habitat in Salem Oregon. MVPC began in 2008 when Salem Psychiatric Associates (SPA) responded to the Community Care Organization's charge to help PCPs manage chronic pain patients more effectively and compassionately. Most recently, under new ownership, treatments have expanded to intentionally provide treatment of trauma and nutritional deficits of chronic pain patients. Non-opiate treatments are more important than ever. Our interventions consistently provide positive results, and the benefits often spread far beyond the presenting pain complaints. Essential Functions/Major Responsibilities: • Provide complete pre and post nutritional assessments for patients of MVPC’s core and continued care programs. • Help patients identify barriers that prevent them from accessing nutritional resources, pursuing healthy choices, and making lifestyle changes. Help patients develop care plans that address obstacles to access and progression within MVPC’s programs. • Provide ongoing evaluation and monitoring of patients by providing individual and group nutritional therapy and documenting progress toward prescribed goals within the EHR. • Teach an evidence-based nutrition curriculum that addresses contributors to chronic pain its and underlying conditions. • Design evidence-based nutrition care plans for a chronic pain population based on individual nutrition diagnoses. • Ensure all practices are compliant with Medicaid standards, Oregon Administrative Rules, and private insurance standards. • Participate in monthly community outreach meetings with outside partnering providers. Provides Clinical Support and Development: • Research, identify and share additional useful program resources: educational materials, conferences, multi-media, and Internet-based tools, speakers, etc. • Develop, organize, maintain, and improve clinical curriculum in accordance with best-practice research and publication standards. • Maintain, organize, and prepare program materials. • Coordinate patient continuity of care between providers. • Prepare for and participate in clinical case review. Ensures Proper Documentation: • Complete quality, timely, accurate documentation of all group and individual patient contacts within standards and timeframes established by the program. • Applicable documentation for any patient contact will be completed within one scheduled working day from the time of the contact. • Prepare quality, timely, written communication between the clinic and external providers within standards and timeframes established by the program. Secondary Functions • Attend CE events such as those recommended by colleagues and the Director of Clinical Operations. • Perform other tasks in coordination with pain clinic staff as requested and as time allows, and those tasks as directed by the Director of Business Operations. • Prepare for and participate in pain clinic staff meetings.

Minimum Qualifications:

Bachelor's Degree and Registered Dietitian, two years clinical work experience

Desired Qualifications:

Applicable Master's Degree; Registered Dietitian, licensed in the state of Oregon; two years clinical work experience, Certified Diabetes Educator


This position might be a great fit for you, if: • You want to contribute to measurable, improved quality of life for your patients; • You understand the importance of addressing emotional pain in conjunction with physical pain; • You are passionate about healthy nutrition, mindfulness, and exercise; • You are looking for a workplace that values innovation, willingness, and progressive program improvement. Please email resume and cover letter to

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