Webinar: Private Practice - Starting and Running a Successful Business

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  • Thursday, August 08, 2013
Many dietitians now aspire to branch out on their own into a private practice setting. Private practice offers many avenues for rewarding success. Owning a small business can be just as rewarding as it is challenging. The decision to go into private practice is a major career decision. This webinar will discuss what it takes to have success in running your own business. It will discuss challenges, obstacles you may face, and the necessary steps in order to structure your business effectively, whether it be private practice, consulting, writing, speaking, etc. We will also discuss the tools necessary to market your business and provide resources to take the first steps in accounting and keeping your business in the black. This webinar is great for any dietitian, whether just starting out or already beginning a business.

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There is a fee for this webinar.